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Medicine as a career option

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This page evaluates medicine as a career option. It provides information that can help you answer a question of the form Should I pursue a career in medicine?
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Many smart people consider learning medicine with the goal of becoming a practicing doctor. This page discusses medicine as a career option. Some people who study medicine transition to biomedical research. For more information on that, see biomedical research as a career option.

This page is still under preparation. In the meantime, check out the links below.

Job satisfaction

Why Do So Many Doctors Regret Their Job Choice?

Who’s the happiest? (a breakdown by specialty)

What are the worst parts about being a doctor?

Personal fit

What are the key aptitudes to be a successful medical doctor?

Work-life balance

Medical resident work hours

Study shows physicians are working fewer hours, says Dartmouth professor

As primary care shortage looms, doctors cut work hours


The Deceptive Income of Physicians by Ben Brown, MD.

Is Being a Doctor Worth It Financially? Not as Much as You May Think

Social value

From the 80,000 Hours blog:

How many lives does a doctor save?

How many lives does a doctor save? - Part 2 - Diminishing marginal returns

How many lives does a doctor save? - Part 3 - Replacement

Exit options

What are the alternative career choices available after doing medicine?