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Economics learning benefits

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This page lists benefits of learning the subject economics. In other words, it tries to answer the question Why should I learn economics? |See all pages on the benefits of learning specific subjects

Economics is an important social science describing human behavior and organization in societies, particularly in the realm of the exchange of goods and services to meet people's needs. A strong economic intuition can be helpful in a number of ways:

  • It helps people make better sense of contemporary and historical world events
  • Economics knowledge is an important prerequisite for policy analysis and social science research
  • The skills honed while mastering economic models carry over to mastering mathematical models of real-world phenomena in general. In this respect, learning economics is roughly similar to learning physics.

We recommend starting with the informal learning of economics as soon as possible. See our economics learning recommendations for thoughts on how to get started.

Many of the benefits of learning economics can be obtained by mastering basic microeconomics, in particular supply and demand curves.

See also learning economics: cautionary notes