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Economics learning recommendations

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This page provides subject-specific learning recommendations for the subject economics. See all our learning recommendations pages |

Books for learning

Textbook-style books

Book Author ISBN and purchase links Price estimate Why we're recommending it and who we're recommending it for
Introduction to Economics Preston McAfee and Tracy Smith ISBN 160049000X, book website free In addition to being freely available online, the book has also been highly recommended in a LessWrong thread on the best economics books. It covers all the standard economics topics quite well, and also includes some unusual topics.
Principles of Economics N. Gregory Mankiw ISBN 978-1285165875, Amazon hardcover $250-300 (buy), $75-100 (rent) The book is a fairly good introduction to economics. Parts of the book have also been published as separate books (microeconomics and macroeconomics). The main drawback is the high price -- if you are able to get a cheap used version, it would be worthwhile. The microeconomics part was highly recommended in a LessWrong thread on the best economics books.
Price theory and applications Steven E. Landsburg ISBN 978-0324579932, Amazon hardcover This is considerably cheaper than Mankiw, and not to different in quality, but is a less standard text.
Economics Paul Krugman and Robin Wells ISBN 978-0716771586, Amazon We don't have inside information on this book.
Economics Paul Samuelson and William Nordhaus ISBN 978-0073511290, Amazon The book is reasonable, but perhaps somewhat outdated. It used to be the standard text before Mankiw came along.
Modern Principles of Economics Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok ISBN 978-1429202275, Amazon ~$200-250 A fairly good but nonstandard text.

Books for learning by casual reading

See our economics reading recommendations page. The page also lists good blogs to follow.

Video recommendations