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What we offer and why

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We're here to help you.

You have one life here on earth. Time is precious. Choices you make at each stage of life, beginning now, will affect your current and future life satisfaction, accomplishment, and social impact. Many people let themselves flow with the tide of their surroundings, and go through a very suboptimal life experience, often enduring unnecessary pain. You can do better than that, and with our help, you will.

Our pages here, and our personalized offerings, will give you both actionable advice and resources for further exploration for mastering specific academic disciplines, improving study habits, improving other social and emotional skills, and making decisions about study and work (including career selection). Every piece of advice we offer is integrated into the whole picture, combining short run experience and long term goals, and weighing financial concerns, intellectual stimulation, and social impact. For instance, when we're talking about high school academic study, we're simultaneously discussing how that'll affect your college academics, career prospects, and long-term skill development. Moreover, we try to make our reasoning as transparent as possible, so that you can then tailor it to your own situation.

While we hope our advice is beneficial to all, you'll find our advice particularly useful if you are a student or other young person, because you've got many more years to go and many opportunities still in the future to which you can apply our insights.

List of portal pages

  • Learning portal for learners at all stages. This links to pages listing the reasons for learning particular subjects, recommendations on how to do so, and some general learning tips.
  • High school portal links to pages about high school academics, extracurricular activities, college admissions, online presence, unusual situations, and issues related to emotional and social well-being.
  • College portal links to pages about college admissions, college selection, college academics, majors, online presence, and issues related to emotional and social well-being.
  • Young children portal links to pages about young children, with particular attention to gifted, precocious, and intellectually curious young children.
  • Personal productivity and life skills portal covers important life skills related to productivity, learning, and emotional and social well-being.