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Recommendation use for accelerated students

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Some students are far more intellectually advanced than their chronological age suggests. For these students, we recommend following the learning recommendations for their intellectual stage rather than their chronological age. The following caveats are worth considering:

  • Young people may have less patience with passive written exposition, and may need a more active and engaging learning style. Thus, video-based lectures and interactive educational formats may be better suited to them. Also, slightly better videos might be worth added cost (for instance, Thinkwell has videos that are somewhat more engaging than other free video sources, and the extra engagement value may be more worth the cost for younger people).
  • Young people may also enjoy puzzle-based learning more, making resources like Brilliant or Alcumus more valuable to them.
  • Young and highly gifted people may be more heavily mismatched between their skills in different domains. For instance, some of them may have mathematical knowledge three grade levels ahead of their chronological age, but a vocabulary roughly similar to that of their chronological age. Others may have college-level reading skills but barely understand fractions. These mismatches make it harder to follow some of the conventional learning sources. When figuring out resources for people with significant mismatch of this sort, please take a close look at detailed information about our individual recommendations.