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Quora questions about learning programming

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Benefits of learning programming

Should most young people learn to code?

Why should we learn to code?

Are there practical reasons as to why I should learn to program?

Why do most people recommend learning to code?

Should everyone learn to code? Or is this narrow mindedness?

Learning programming for beginners

General advice

What are the best ways for a complete beginner to learn programming?

How can I learn programming?

Choosing a language

What's the best programming language for a beginner?

In what order should a beginner learn these programming languages?

What's a good first programming language to learn?

What language is recommended to start learning to code?

What are the pros and cons of learning Python as a first programming language?

Is it better to learn Python or JavaScript as a first language?

Learning Python

What are the best python online courses for beginners?

What are the best resources to start learning Python?

How can I learn to program in Python?

What are the best books to learn Python quickly, for an experienced C++/Java Programmer?

What is the best source to learn Python for an already programmer?

What are the best books / courses for learning Python?

For children

What is the best way for young children to learn programming?

What are the best ways to teach younger children the building blocks of programming?

What is the best way to teach kids to learn programming?

What's the best way to introduce a kid to the magic of computer programming?