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Quora answers about college majors

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Below we've compiled a collection of links to substantive answers to Quora questions about college majors. If you're interested in majoring in a given subject, it's worth taking a look at the corresponding answers, for the sake of hearing different people's perspectives. We don't necessarily endorse the views expressed therein.


What major should I choose?

If you could do undergrad over again, what would you major in?

Which majors did people take and recommend as a pre-med student?

Is Marc Andreessen correct that Liberal Arts majors will be doomed "to a future of shoe sales" and should be discouraged from following that path?

What are the most useless college majors?

Science, technology, math and engineering


What is it like being a biology major in college/university?

What can you do with an undergraduate biology degree?

Is majoring in Biology useless (practically) if I don't want to be a doctor?

If you want to do a master in biophysics, should you major in physics or biology?

What is the difference between majoring in biology and biological engineering? And what are different career options for each major?


Why should one major in Chemistry?

What career paths are available for a chemistry major?

What careers do most chemistry majors pursue after college?

What is it like to major in chemistry?

What are the downsides of majoring in chemistry?


Further information: physics as a college major

What is it like to major in physics?

What are the downsides of majoring in physics?

What types of jobs can you get as a physics major?

Why are there so many physics majors in software engineering? Why are there so many Physics majors and PhD's in finance?

How easy is it for a physics major to go to engineering graduate school?

How different are the opportunities and career fields for undergraduate majors in Physics vs. Mechanical Engineering?

Computer Science

What are the best paying career options for a computer science major?

What are good (alternative) career options for computer science majors?

What is it like to major in computer science?

Should I major in computer science even if I feel I'm not naturally good at it?

Should I be a CS major?

Is CS easier than other engineering majors?


What are the first years of an Engineering degree like?

Is it worth it to get an engineering degree just for its versatility

What type of engineering degree will be most in demand in the next five years?

Which Engineering Fields/Jobs Will See a Surge in Demand in the Future? Why?

How does an engineering freshman choose among physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and bioengineering?

How should I decide between software and electrical engineering for my major?

How do I decide between CS or EE?

Should I double major in computer science and electrical engineering?


What is it like to major in math?

Why should one major in Mathematics?

How hard is it to major in math?

Can a math major get a PhD in an engineering field?


Are liberal arts and humanities degrees useless?

Why do certain people undermine Arts and Humanities degrees/undergraduates?

Can humanities majors become product managers?

Is it a bad idea to major in the humanities?


What is it like to major in philosophy?

What do most Philosophy majors from Harvard end up doing?

Are philosophy majors considered smart? E.g., math and physics majors are considered smart.

Is philosophy a good major if you want to go to law school?

Is it true that a philosophy major actually helps with programming should the person decide to pursue it later on in life? If true, is it because of the kind of thinking done during the major, and/or because of the kind of people who major in philosophy?

What famous people majored in philosophy?

What can you do with a philosophy degree?

Is an undergraduate degree in philosophy a good background for a MSc in neuroscience?


What is like to major in english?

What can I do with an English degree?

Is there a point in getting an English literature degree? What are the job prospects?

What career paths are available for an English major, besides teaching?


What is it like to major in linguistics?

Social Sciences


What can I do with a history degree?

What is the point of a History major/minor if you will not be a historian?

What careers would be suitable for a person with an art history degree to pursue?

Political Science

What can I do with a political science degree that will help others? If I don't go the lawyer/politician route, what else is left?

International Relations

What types of jobs are available for International Relations/Affairs majors out of undergrad? What is the salary like for them?

What can I do with a major in International Relations and minor in economics?


What kind of jobs can you do after you study a Economics major?

What can I do with my economics degree?

What are the pros and cons of getting an economics degree?

Is an undergraduate degree in Economics a good degree to pursue?

Is majoring in economics in college a good idea?

Why should one major in Economics?


What is it like to major in psychology?

Why is psychology major so popular in university?

Would getting a degree in psychology help me become a better film director?

What are the careers of the future that are open to an undergraduate Psychology major looking at graduate schools?


What is it like to major in sociology?


What is it like to major in anthropology?

The Arts


What are some career paths for film majors?