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Online communities for gifted children

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This page lists communities that are mostly about children interacting with each other and potential mentors, rather than sites targeted primarily at parents and educators.

General-purpose online communities

Community name Website link Organization running it Criteria for entry About the site
Cogito The Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at John Hopkins University, located in the United States Students ages 13-18 who have a sufficiently good recommendation from an educator. According to their About Us page: "Membership is free, and open to students ages 13 to 18 who have a keen interest in math and science. Members are selected by invitation. We invite students from CTY and our partner organizations, students who participate in various academic competitions, and students from around the world who are nominated by an educator – be it a teacher, school administrator, or representative from a recognized academic organization. Educators who would like to nominate a student for membership should mail or email a letter on letterhead of their organization with the student’s name, e-mail address, date of birth and the city, state and country in which the student lives. Please also include a reason for the nomination, in 50 words or less. If you are a student who would like to join, ask a teacher or educator to nominate you by following the steps outlined above."
Iggy The University of Warwick Individuals can subscribe by paying 200 pounds (UK currency) per annum. There are special discounts for disadvantaged students as well as organizations such as schools. See here for more.

Online communities focused around subject-specific problem-solving or challenges

Community name Website link Organization running it Criteria for entry About the site
Art of Problem Solving (forums) Private company (Art of Problem Solving) Anybody can sign up as a member (there are also paid classes that students can enroll in). Focused on mathematical problem-solving with an emphasis on the types of problems seen in contest mathematics (such as Olympiads).
Brilliant Private company Anybody can sign up as a member. The site is focused around problems organized by topics, mostly in the subjects of mathematics, physics, and computer science as of January 2014. There are also discussion boards and forums for participants to interact.