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Lower division undergraduate mathematics

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Lower division undergraduate mathematics includes courses that are considered general requirements or non-major specific courses. They are taken by students who do not intend to major in mathematics, although there may be a slightly different version of the course tailored at mathematics majors. This is in contrast with upper division undergraduate mathematics, typically taken by and targeted at mathematics majors.

Subject Brief description Benefits Learning recommendations
Single-variable calculus Limits, differentiation, integration, sequences and series (including Taylor series and power series), some ordinary differential equations. College calculus is more focused on proofs and concepts than high school calculus (such as AP Calculus). single-variable calculus learning benefits single-variable calculus learning recommendations
Multivariable calculus Functions of multiple variables, partial derivatives, iterated integration, parametric and polar coordinates, and other topics. multivariable calculus learning benefits multivariable calculus learning recommendations
Linear algebra linear algebra learning benefits linear algebra learning recommendations
Ordinary differential equations -- --

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