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Learning English: benefits

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This page lists benefits of learning the subject English. In other words, it tries to answer the question Why should I learn English? |See all pages on the benefits of learning specific subjects

English is the most important language of global communication. People in many countries around the world, even neighboring countries, often need to use English to communicate because they don't know the native languages of those other countries (for instance, Chinese and Japanese, or Swedes and Germans). This page lists some benefits of learning English. It is particularly relevant for people growing up in places where English is not a common language of local communication and/or is not the medium of academic instruction. People growing up in English-speaking countries but with peer communities that speak other languages also need to keep the points here in mind.

The main benefits are:

  • Effective communication with people around the world, in real time.
  • Access to a much larger base of content and knowledge, including books, webpages, videos, and audio content. For instance, the English Wikipedia has over 4 million pages as of 2014, while the next biggest Wikipedia, the German Wikipedia, has less than 2 million pages.