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Geometry learning recommendations

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This page provides subject-specific learning recommendations for the subject geometry. See all our learning recommendations pages |

Geometry is an important component of middle school mathematics and early high school mathematics. Some aspects of geometry may be seen in elementary school, and geometric visualization is an important tool in later mathematics, including precalculus, single-variable calculus, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra.

However, much of the technical content from geometry, including large numbers of facts about triangles and circles that one might see in a high school geometry class, are not used much in later mathematics. Learning this contest can be valuable for contest mathematics and can also help one get a sense of how to organize a large number of related facts and ideas in one's mind.

Top recommendations

If this description fits you ... ... this might be the best recommendation Cost
You have an interest in solving challenging mathematical problems and discovering mathematical ideas through the problem-solving process. Introduction to Geometry by Richard Rusczyk, ISBN 978-1-934124-08-6, paperback. This is a high school geometry textbook published by Art of Problem Solving that teaches elements of mathematical thinking and problem solving, as opposed to rote drill. The series has been reviewed very favorably, for example, on Quora. ~$45 for the text, ~$10 for the solutions manual.
Current price for semester-long AoPS geometry class is $440 ($497 with books).
You already know basic geometry (up to the high school level) and are looking to know more to help with contest mathematics or to understand how geometry helps with higher mathematics. Geometry Unbound by Kiran Kedlaya, available online here free
You are just looking for something basic to get you started. If you're willing to pay money, consider Thinkwell's Geometry course ~$125 for one year course access, plus more for extras

See also

  • Online mathematics learning resources for a more comprehensive list of mathematics learning resources, some of which are relevant to geometry learning.
  • The geometry recommendations in the answer wiki to this Quora question are useful if you're learning geometry for contest mathematics.