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Engineering major links

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With so many engineering fields to choose from, how do I pick the right one? From MIT's engineering department

Architecture and Engineering Occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists engineering fields by median pay. The numbers of jobs in each of the fields are listed below. By far the most popular fields are civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, and mechanical engineering. Of these, electrical and electronics engineers are the best paid

  • Aerospace Engineers: 83,000
  • Agricultural Engineers: 2,600
  • Biomedical Engineers: 19,400
  • Chemical Engineers: 33,300
  • Civil Engineers: 272,900
  • Computer Hardware Engineers: 83,300
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers: 306,100
  • Environmental Engineers: 53,200
  • Health and Safety Engineers: 24,100
  • Industrial Engineers: 223,300
  • Materials Engineers: 23,200
  • Mechanical Engineers: 258,100
  • Mining and Geological Engineers: 7,900
  • Nuclear Engineers: 20,400
  • Petroleum Engineers: 38,500