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Elementary and middle school mathematics recommendations

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Our recommendations for elementary and middle school students who are interested in learning math are below. In addition to our recommendations, you might be interested by the

Elementary school

Middle school

  • Prealgebra by Richard Rusczyk, David Patrick, Ravi Boppana and Introduction to Algebra by Richard Rusczyk. These books are part of the Art of Problem Solving series. The books in the series teach elements of mathematical thinking and problem solving, as opposed to rote drill. The series has been reviewed very favorably, for example, on Quora. The prealgebra book is accompanied by a series of free videos, which cover all of the topics in the textbook. Both books are synchronized with the free adaptive online learning system Alcumus.
  • Algebra by Israel Gelfand and Alexander Shen. This is a very highly reviewed algebra textbook coauthored by a great mathematician.
  • Vision in Elementary Mathematics by W.W. Sawyer teaches readers how to visualize elements of algebra.
  • Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1: Complete Curriculum for Grades 5 to 7 by Anna Burago contains many problems that teach mathematical reasoning.