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College Confidential

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College Confidential (website:, Wikipedia) is a website with some background pages and online community forums for discussing topics related to high school life, college life, and the college admissions process. It is one of the main sources of information about colleges that is not actively filtered by colleges to portray themselves in a favorable light (see college selection: getting reliable information about colleges). In recent years, Quora has been improving as a systematic source of information about colleges, but at present, College Confidential still adds a fair amount of value beyond Quora.

  • We link to College Confidential threads from many of our pages for further reading or for evidence in favor of our claims.
  • We suggest that if people have tricky questions, particularly related to the college admissions process or to specific colleges, they consider using College Confidential to search for the questions and ask their own similar questions. It might be best to try both College Confidential and Quora.