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Arithmetic learning recommendations

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This page provides subject-specific learning recommendations for the subject arithmetic. See all our learning recommendations pages |
NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH arithmetic in the sense of number theory. For recommendations on that front, see elementary number theory learning recommendations

Top recommendations

Book recommendations

If this description fits you ... ... this might be the best recommendation Cost
You are looking for a book to use to guide an elementary schooler, or a group of elementary schoolers, who is gifted or intellectually curious to learn the material. The book Hard Math for Elementary School by Glenn Ellison, ISBN 978-1489507174, Amazon paperback, is a great textbook to use as a teacher or guide. (Note: This does not exclusively cover arithmetic). ~$22 (paperback)
You are looking for a workbook that an advanced elementary schooler (grade 3 or higher) or a highly gifted younger elementary schooler, can work through on his/her own. The Beast Academy books, available at There are five books currently available. (Note: This does not exclusively correct arithmetic). For each book: $15 (guide) + $12 (paperback); total $135
You have already learned elementary school mathematics, but now want to explore the subject in more depth. Perhaps you're a parent who wants to help your child with elementary school mathematics, or an adult who wants to get a deeper understanding of the stuff. The book Arithmetic for Parents: A Book for Grownups about Children's Mathematics by Ron Aharoni, ISBN 978-0977985258, Amazon paperback ~$22 (paperback)
You want to learn computational tricks and improve your "mental math" capabilities. Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer, ISBN 978-0307338402, Amazon paperback
Short-Cut Math (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Gerard W. Kelly, ISBN 978-0486246116, Amazon paperback
~$11 (paperback for Benjamin/Shermer) + ~$5 (Kelly)

Computer-based learning recommendations