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Academia learning resources

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This page lists some resources you can use to learn about academia. We don't have strong views on what the best sources are.

Books and online articles with general advice on academia

Books on excelling within academia, starting with graduate school

Books on leaving academia

Further information: leaving academia after graduate school

Question-and-answer websites

  • Academia Stack Exchange: This is a great place to ask, and search for previously asked, specific questions about academia, ranging from conventions for formatting dissertations to preparing articles for publication to protocols for collaborative research to switching majors.
  • Quora has a lot of general information about academia. Highly technical questions are not that well-suited for Quora. However, the answers tend to have more details about people's personal experiences. You can look inside the academia topic within Quora, but not all relevant questions are categorized under that topic.
  • If your questions are about the conventions for a specific academic discipline, check out Quora or the Stack Exchange website for that specific discipline.