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Good study habits

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/* A response to the "easier said than done" objection */
==A response to the "easier said than done" objection==
While some good study habits are counter-intuitive, others are widely known, at least in approximate form. The latter evoke an ''easier said than done'' response -- students feel they already know they should be doing it, but are unable to do so due to a very busy schedule, time management problems, trouble concentrating, procrastination, or akrasia. Keep in mind that there are two levels at which you can take each piece of advice:
* Follow the piece of advice in individual instances on a regular basis: For instance, if we say you should use [[learning:quiz and recall|quiz and recall]], you could choose to try and remember to do that every time you are reviewing.
* Try to create or select environments that force or nudge you into following these pieces of advice. Environment here could refer to your choice of instructors or study materials, your choice of peer groups for study, your physical environment while you study, or your biological state while you study (how much you have eaten or how well slept you are).
==Cramming, forgetting, and spaced repetition==