This wiki is associated with Cognito Mentoring, an advising service for learners run by Jonah Sinick and Vipul Naik. The wiki is very much in beta, so you're likely to find many broken links and incomplete pages. Please be patient with us as we continue to improve our offerings.
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This wiki maintains background information for [ Cognito Mentoring], a service with advice and resources for students seeking intellectual stimulation and enrichment. The wiki is not open to public editing, and everything Everything you find here has been written or approved of by people at Cognito Mentoring. Cognito Mentoring is run by [ Jonah Sinick] and [ Vipul Naik].
Here are some of our pages in developmentPlease [ connect with us] to offer feedback on the wiki content.
* If you're new here, start with [[High school coursework]]: choosing courses, what to study, What we offer and how to study.* Choosing [[extracurricular activitieswhy]].* [[Preparing for your career during high school]]We've indexed a subset of our main articles below by topic.* You can also access the list of all our pages [[standardized testsSpecial:AllPages| Preparing for standardized tests]].* [[College selection]].* [[Reading recommendations]].* [[Learning about your cognitive profilehere]], or use the search bar to find what you're looking for.
We're currently offering '''free personalized advising''' for high schoolers who are interested in learning. If you would like to speak, please check out [ this page].{{portal list}}