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Using Reddit

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* Particular subreddits, combined with even rudimentary searching, can turn up surprisingly useful information. For instance, you might search for the keyword "AMA" (an abbreviation for "Ask Me Anything") on the AskScience subreddit to find [ all the threads in the AskScience AMA series] (a series where users pose questions to real scientists about their research).
* Despite the underemphasis on users on Reddit, it might still be worth looking into particularly notable users like [ gwern].See also the Quora question "[ Who are the most interesting science people to follow on reddit?]"
* There is enough content on Reddit that a domain-restricted search can turn up useful results. On search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo, preface your searches by <code></code> to restrict your search to Reddit. For example, you can search for all Reddit discussions of Dread Pirate Roberts on Google like [ this].<br />Note that Reddit also natively has search, but this may be inferior to a Google search. (See [ this thread] for discussion.)