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Maintaining your online presence

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* [ StackExchange] (question-and-answer website): Stack Exchange is a network of question-and-answer websites devoted to specific topics. It's less freewheeling than Quora, and allows you to develop your topical knowledge and communication skills for the topics where the Stack Exchanges are high-quality and active.
* [ Wikipedia]: Wikipedia's a great resource to read, but you can also edit Wikipedia. Admittedly, it's a little more effort to get ''started'' editing Wikipedia: you need to understand the MediaWiki markup language and also the etiquette of Wikipedia, and you need to be prepared for your work getting ruthlessly rejected. Unlike Quora, we don't think ''all'' people reading this page should get on Wikipedia and start contributing. But it's something worth looking at.
* Some websites, like [ Reddit], can be [http[Wikipedia:// |rather controversial]], but it may still be worth looking into these. Reddit in particular can seemingly have a low signal-to-noise ratio, but developing the ability to [ sort through low-quality content for good information] may prove useful. Particular subreddits, combined with even rudimentary searching, can turn up surprisingly useful information. For instance, one might search for the keyword "AMA" (an abbreviation for "Ask Me Anything") on the AskScience subreddit to find [ all the threads in the AskScience AMA series] (a series where users pose questions to real scientists about their research). Sometimes it is simply a matter of knowing what subreddits exist. For example, the subreddit for [[Effective altruism learning resources|effective altruism]] is called [ smartgiving].
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