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Rationality learning resources

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/* Websites that promote rationality, with a focus on epistemic rationality */
==Websites that promote rationality, with a focus on epistemic rationality==
* [ LessWrong], which describes itself as a "community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality." Less Wrong additionally has its own [ wiki], which often contains quick summaries of rationality concepts and tends to do a good job of grouping together related posts. As of late 2017, an open beta of [ LessWrong 2.0] is taking place in an attempt to revive LessWrong.
* [ Slate Star Codex], a blog that applies the principles of rationality to the analysis of many questions of philosophy, psychology, culture, and society. Scott Alexander ([ Yvain] on Less Wrong), the author of Slate Star Codex, has also created a [ map of the rationalist community] which groups different websites/blogs/Twitter accounts by subject, and may be useful for finding more resources in an area of one's interest.
* [ Center for Applied Rationality] website