This wiki is associated with Cognito Mentoring, an advising service for learners run by Jonah Sinick and Vipul Naik. The wiki is very much in beta, so you're likely to find many broken links and incomplete pages. Please be patient with us as we continue to improve our offerings.
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This wiki maintains background information for [ Cognito Mentoring], a service with advice and resources for students seeking intellectual stimulation and enrichment. The wiki is not open to public editing, and everything Everything you find here has been written or approved of by people at Cognito Mentoring. Cognito Mentoring is run by [ Jonah Sinick] and [ Vipul Naik].
The wiki is very much in beta, so you're likely to find many broken links and incomplete pages. Please be patient with us as we continue to improve our offerings. Please [ connect with us] to receive personalized advising or to offer feedback on the wiki content.
If you're new here, start with [[What we offer and why]]. We've indexed a subset of our main articles below by topic. You can also access the list of all our pages [[Special:AllPages|here]], or use the search bar to find what you're looking for.
==Learning== [[Recommendations for building general analytical skills]] ===Benefits of learning particular subjects=== [[Learning a new language: benefits]] [[Learning programming: benefits]] & [[Learn programming]] [[Learning mathematics: benefits]] & [[Learn mathematics well]] [[Verbal skills: benefits]] [[Physics learning benefits]] ===Resource recommendations=== [[Core reading recommendations]] [[Reading recommendations for books with a contested thesis]] [[Learning mathematics: resources]] [[Development economics reading recommendations]] [[Economics learning recommendations]] [[Effective altruism learning resources]] [[Entrepreneurship learning recommendations]] [[Statistics learning recommendations]] [[Programming learning resources]] ==For Elementary and Middle School Students== [[Elementary and middle school mathematics recommendations]] [[Recommendation use for accelerated students]] [[Online communities for gifted children]] ==For High School Students== [[High school: opening message]] [[Course selection]] [[High school coursework]] [[High school mathematics recommendations]] [[High school extracurricular activities]] [[Preparing for your career during high school]] ===Extracurricular activities=== [[High school extracurricular activities]] [[High school extracurricular activities: factors to consider]] [[High school extracurricular activities: signaling quality to colleges]] [[High school extracurricular activities: suggestions]] ===College admissions=== [[Standardized tests]] [[College admissions for home-schooled students]] ===College selection=== [[College selection]] [[College selection: factors to consider]] [[College selection: getting reliable information about colleges]] [[College selection: deciding based on your intended major]] [[Choosing between a public college and a private college]] ==College== ===Choosing a college major=== [[Choosing a college major: factors to consider]] [[Quora answers about college majors]] ===Coursework=== [[College lecture class formats]] [[Course selection]] [[Upper division undergraduate mathematics course structure]] ===Post-college plans=== [[Graduate school: deciding whether to go]] ==Career== ===General Considerations===  [[Earnings]] [[Job satisfaction]] [[Social value of work: income as a proxy]] ===Career Options=== [[Academia as a career option]] [[Entrepreneurship as a career option]] [[Finance as a career option]] [[Law as a career option]] [[Leaving academia after graduate school]] [[Management consulting as a career option]] [[Medicine as a career option]] [[Social value of computer science research]] ==Personal Efficacy and Well-being== [[Good study habits]] [[Improving your productivity]] [[Learning about your cognitive profile]] [[Managing your time]] [[Overcoming depression]] [[Perfectionism and readjustment of expectations]] [[Books for children and teens about obsessive-compulsive disorder]] [[Books for children and teens about perfectionism]]{{portal list}}