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* '''Read''': There is a wealth of information related to college admissions, subject learning recommendations, study tips, college academic environments, various types of jobs, startups and entrepreneurship, and day-to-day experience in different geographical and cultural contexts. For instance, our pages on [[Quora answers about college majors]] and [[Quora questions about learning programming]] link to some high-quality questions and answers. We've also linked to Quora content elsewhere on our site.
* '''Write''': Quora is a great place for you to start practicing writing and online interaction at relatively low stakes. You can create your own Quora blog too. See our page [[high school extracurricular activities: suggestions]] for more.
* '''Connect''': You may make some friends on Quora based on interaction and shared interests. Some of them could become Facebook friends, business or work connections, or real-life friends you can hang out with.