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Social value of basic science research

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Until the nineteenth century, basic science research was generally done in spare time by people who had other day jobs (examples are mathematician Pierre Fermat, chemist John Dalton, and biologist Gregor Mendel). In the present era, this sort of "science-on-the-side" model has fallen out of favor, and basic scientific research is generally done by people in [[academia]]. Therefore, to some extent, evaluating basic science research is similar to evaluating academia (see more on [[academia as a career option]] and [[social value of academia]]).
There are some areas of research that fall within the realm of science research but are sufficiently close to application that it is inaccurate to characterize them as basic science research. Examples including include machine learning and artificial intelligence research (see [[social value of working in artificial intelligence and machine learning]]) and [[biomedical research]] (see [[biomedical research as a career option]] and [[social value of biomedical research]]).
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