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High school: opening message

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/* Consider alternatives to high school */
High school is a critical phase in life. If you make good choices, you can blossom and set yourself up for success later in life. If you make bad choices, you can permanently cripple your future prospects. We're here to help you make better choices. On this page, we give some big picture considerations to keep in mind. Once you've read them, you can proceed to our pages with more details
==Don't rely on "the system" to guarantee you life satisfaction==
If you go to school, take the classes that people tell you to, do your homework, and engage in the extracurricular activities that your peers do, you'll be setting yourself up for an "okay" life. But you can do better than that.
{{quotation|'''KEEP IN MIND''': Doing well within the system should be treated as a ''constraint'' within which you need to operate, rather than a defining feature of your life.}}
{{further|[[Treat the system like a constraint]]}}
===Some subjects are more important than others===
{{further|[[High school extracurricular activities]]}}
===Consider alternatives to and supplementsto high school=== {{further|[[Alternatives to high school]]}}
* [[Homeschooling]]
* [[Online high school]]* [[Massive online open courses]]
==Your high school academic record is important==
A strong academic record in high school is most important factor for college admissions that you have control over. The college that you go to is not the the main determinant of your future prospects, but it's among the most important ones that you can influence while in high school. We give considerations in favor of going to a prestigious college at [[college selection: factors to consider]]. If you want to get into a selective college, you'll need to earn high grades in challenging courses.
{{further|[[College statements on the importance of grades and High school coursework]]}}
==Improve your personal efficacy==