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Online mathematics learning resources

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This page lists a number of online math learning resources.

Video lectures

We list here resources that contain large numbers of video lectures. Note that some of these resources offer videos in other subjects. Comments about quality may not apply to the other subjects.

Resource Website Topics covered in the video lectures Duration of the lectures Cost Comments on quality and links to reviews
Khan Academy (includes math and other subjects) Entire school math curriculum plus large parts of the introductory college math curriculum Generally varies between 5 and 15 minutes Free Functional but of mediocre quality. However, the ability to pause and review video lectures, combined with the comprehensive curriculum coverage and integration with worked examples, may make this worthwhile. It's worth noting that even if Khan Academy lectures are at the 50th percentile, 50% of students can improve by using Khan Academy instead of their current teacher. See reviews here (add more reviews? Devlin etc. might be too polarizing).
PatrickJMT (only math) Large parts of high school math curriculum and beginning college curriculum, including all of calculus Generally varies between 5 and 15 minutes Free, but you can donate to the author Somewhat better than Khan Academy in terms of the quality of explanation, but no integration with practice exercises. Still very computation-oriented and with very little emphasis on conceptual understanding. (Write a separate review, link to it? Or find reviews)
MIT OpenCourseWare (includes math and other subjects, math courses relevant for high schoolers include only calculus-related courses) Since these are mostly actual lectures delivered in college classes, they are generally about 50 minutes long. Free The Highlights of Calculus course should be the most accessible to high school students since it provides a big picture overview of calculus. (Add links to reviews?)