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Join Quora

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Quora is a useful and rapidly growing source of information about a wide range of topics, including topics of interest to smart and curious young people. However, a number of young people do not realize the wealth of information present on Quora because its signup requirement discourages people from joining. This topic was explored in the blog post Quora as a great but underused resource for high school students.

Benefits of joining Quora

  • Read: There is a wealth of information related to college admissions, subject learning recommendations, study tips, college academic environments, various types of jobs, startups and entrepreneurship, and day-to-day experience in different geographical and cultural contexts. For instance, our pages on Quora answers about college majors and Quora questions about learning programming link to some high-quality questions and answers. We've also linked to Quora content elsewhere on our site.
  • Write: Quora is a great place for you to start practicing writing and online interaction at relatively low stakes. See our page high school extracurricular activities: suggestions for more.
  • Connect: You may make some friends on Quora based on interaction and shared interests. Some of them could become Facebook friends, business or work connections, or real-life friends you can hang out with.


  • It is hard to know how good the content is and whether it's worth joining: Hopefully the Quora content we've linked to will help address that concern.
  • It requires a sign-on and recommends that people connect it with a Facebook or Twitter account: This is an inconvenience for many people, but Facebook-based sign-in requirements are unfortunately quite common for a lot of good content.