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High school portal

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This is a portal page describing relevant content for high school students on our site and elsewhere. By high school, we mean grades 9-12 of school, also known as secondary school in some countries. In some educational systems, high school is defined as grades 10-12.

High school is the last leg of relatively regimented and mandatory education. Beyond this point, you have a wider array of educational choices. But good planning and foresight in high school can be important to availing of some of these choices.

Getting started

  • High school: opening message: This is a good starting point. It's particularly useful for people in the early parts of high school, but it can also be helpful to people who have a few months to go.

High school academics and testing

Unusual schooling options

College selection

College applications and admissions

We're still working on this, but of particular interest may be college admissions for homeschooled students.