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Effective altruism learning resources

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Since the mid-2000s, effective altruism has grown considerably as a movement. The goal is to choose one's altruistic actions with the goal of doing as much good as possible and as effectively as possible. There are a number of different groups promoting effective altruism, and their websites provide information that can help you get started on understanding the general principles.

Effective altruism in connection with donating money

Organization What they do Good place to start learning
GiveWell Non-profit dedicated to doing the most good possible. Their primary consumer-facing product is recommendations for top charities to donate to, across all causes (rather than providing a top charity separately for each cause). In addition, they evaluate claims about a diverse range of activities (such as scientific research and political advocacy) that people have claimed might be highly effective ways of improving the world. Giving 101: the basics is a useful primer that reviews many basic effective altruism ideas, such as differences between standards of living in different parts of the world, room for more funding and triage (the one-charity argument).
Giving What We Can Non-profit dedicated to advocating that people donate more money to charity, as well as providing suggestions about top charities to donate to. They rely on GiveWell's research plus some in-house research to make recommendations. The charity evaluation methodology might be the most educational and informative place to start, but it may be fruitful to check out the why give? and where to give pages first to get some background and context.

Effective altruism in connection with choice of career and life trajectory