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(College applications and admissions)
(General information)
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* [[College lecture class formats]]
* [[College lecture class formats]]
* [[College course dependencies]]
* [[College course dependencies]]
* [[Auditing courses]]
* [[Office hours]]
===Choice of major===
===Choice of major===

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This is a portal page linking to various pages related to college life. There is some overlap between the pages here and those in the high school portal.

College selection

College applications and admissions

We're still working on this, but of particular interest may be college admissions for homeschooled students.

We also encourage people interested in learning more about college admissions to check out College Confidential, one of the best sources of information on the subject. Other potential sources of information are Quora,, and StudentAdvisor.

Between high school and college

See time between the end of high school and the beginning of college (partially done).

College academics

General information

Choice of major

Course structure and learning recommendations

Navigating college

Typical situations

  • Course selection
  • FORTHCOMING: Understanding and optimizing for the credit, placement, and enrollment structure
  • FORTHCOMING: Study abroad programs

Unusual situations


Career planning

You've got a long time to think about careers, but it's good to get a head start in exploring different careers by reading up about them and observing them in action. See our pages:


High school is the right period to form good life habits. See our personal productivity and life skills portal for more. Most relevant to the schooling experience is good study habits.

Your web presence

These pages are relevant for everybody, but particularly for high school and college students who are just beginning to build a web presence: